The Most Comfortable and Chic Travel Looks -

The Most Comfortable and Chic Travel Looks

The Most Comfortable and Chic Travel Looks

Switch into travel-and-healthy mode with these tips from Natural Dermis team!

Although it sounds basic, if you are traveling by plane, it is very important to choose the right clothes, accessories and products. Long waits at airports, carrying bags and sitting for hours without being able to barely move are more than enough reasons to opt for travel looks that will make you feel fab.

Today, the variety of styles allows you to go comfortable without giving up elegance and, if not, check out the outfits and skincare products chosen by celebrities and bloggers. We give you some tips to dress comfortable and stylish when taking your next flight!

Start by creating your airport looks

Opt for wrinkle-free fabrics. Choose breathable and loose fabrics to feel comfortable all day. Stick to styles that wear well and can be easily rolled up in your suitcase.

The ideal outfit to travel is: knit fabric pants, not too tight, with a wide t-shirt. Regarding footwear, consider wearing comfy flat shoes but of sole or soft base. Sneakers are also a good idea.

Opt for a sport chic look

Ready to pull off your next trip in style? In this case, the key is to wear cotton leggings and try avoiding polyester or lycra.

Bring entertainment

What are getaways for anyway? If you’re going to enjoy, treat yourself to the very best! Most airline magazines have good content but lack of variety. Carry your favorite books and magazines and make sure your electronic devices have battery.

Pamper yourself

If you are seeking to enjoy and unwind, treat your skin to the very best! We adore traveling to beautiful destinations with Wash! A soothing formula that penetrates deep and shrink skin pores without over-drying.

If you are not up for a spa session, bring your ND kit and take advantage of that luxurious hotel bathroom!

xx, The Natural Dermis Team

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