Sick of Feeling Tired? Try These Easy Makeover Steps -

Sick of Feeling Tired? Try These Easy Makeover Steps

Sick of Feeling Tired? Try These Easy Makeover Steps

All women have suffered the mirror ugly duckling syndrome, that makes them feel depressed about not being comfortable with what they see. When this happens it is not just about shedding a few pounds, but an entire attitude change. Here we share a few steps to unleash your beautiful self!

Every woman can make good use of natural makeup techniques, fancy hairstyles, and follow a healthy diet to feel radiant.

Change your hairstyle
The cut: not just go from long to short or curly to straight, the change must be advised by an expert. Those are trendy asymmetrical cuts. Remember that if you have a round face it is best to avoid the volume up to the ears; for heart-shaped faces, it is good to go for layers and volume; if the look on your face is rectangular with pronounced forehead then go for bangs; the square face looks good with soft curls and if you are fortunate to have an oval face, you can choose almost cut you want. The shape of the face is the first step.

Go to a Spa

  • Make time for you. The best way is to go to a spa where you can revitalize with facial and body treatments.
  • Get a Massage. The first thing to do is relax. You deserve it.  Get a massage on the body, scalp, and legs.
  • Best hands and feet. Opt for the perfect pedicure and manicure session; this will allow you to let go stress and feel as sexy and relaxed as possible.

Kickstart your Skincare Journey!

         img by @katarzynadrazek

Get rid of toxins and old skin. Don’t forget about exfoliating. Our Exfoliate minty fresh formula is packed with soothing ingredients and antioxidants that help nurture the skin.

Stay radiant all-day by following the above guidelines. Dare to relax and feel delighted with who you are!

xx, The Natural Dermis Team.