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Health Beauty Life: First Impressions

Health Beauty Life: First Impressions

First Impressions

I told my girlfriend, and fellow Beauty Editor, “It feels like my face is taking a bath in champagne with crushed up pearls and diamonds in the formula!”  Needless to say I over exaggerate when I get excited, but the enthusiasm is definitely merited; perhaps not by pearls and diamonds, but the skincare wonder that is Natural Dermis has definitely made my nightly regime a much more luxurious process.

They boast about using, “high quality, natural products that are not only gentle on the skin, but kind to the planet and all living things.”  Definitely comb through their website because they dive into each natural ingredient they use and explain what its natural properties are good for when it comes to your skin!  Not only is it enlightening, but it also makes you appreciate what you put on your skin (no chemicals here, thank you)!

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